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Millenniun alliance is the world's leading supplier of titanium dioxide. We focus on the needs of our customers continue to innovate, open cooperation with partners, is committed to providing excellent customers in the field of polymer products beyond the expectations of innovative products and services. Its business scope mainly concentrated in the photocatalyst, plastic dyeing color matching. Paint coatings and the development of innovative solutions in many areas of daily life, to create maximum value for customers. The beauty of the gift products and solutions have been used in many countries and regions, more than more than 3 thousand customers worldwide.

Company located in Shenzhen. In 2015 through the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, and always follow the safety and health, protect the environment, occupation ethics is the highest, long-term commitment to supporting the distribution ceremony, beauty MEITITANIUM series of excellent products, a number of well-known multinational companies is an important regional partners. The focus on the development and production of Li Lian its own intellectual property rights of the titanium dioxide product, aiming at the international new titanium industry development direction, synchronized with the dynamic development of the latest international technology, which enables us to provide high purity is very comprehensive, high titanium complexes, providing a range of services to the development of listed to worldwide customer.

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Our commitment

We understand the needs of our customers, provide competitive and innovative solutions, so that customers and each of us on the basis of the original have been varying degrees of development!

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