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Brand service overview:


"Respect for worry free, happy guest service." MEITITANIUM beauty ritual associated with the perfect pre-sale and customer service service system, the spirit of "customer first, respect free" principle, we launched the "MEITITANIUM" service brand, set up a telephone line smooth. For customer satisfaction, we think more for you.

Respect for the music service commitment:

1, customer service hotline 0755-33869791 free answer your sales, use of technology and quality issues.

2, if there is a problem in the use of our products, no matter where the responsibility, we will unconditionally send technical personnel to the scene at the first time, free to provide customers with replacement products.

3, regardless of any manufacturer and brand products if quality problems, we can provide you with free technical support and solutions.

4, the new plant of the major customers we can arrange "one on one" free hand in factory technical guidance, until the normal production.

5, if our products are not in use to help customers make money, we promise unconditional return.

Our commitment

We understand the needs of our customers, provide competitive and innovative solutions, so that customers and each of us on the basis of the original have been varying degrees of development!

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