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Quality equipment:


"The trip to the event, must first sharpen his tools." The oxidation reactor is the key equipment in the chlorination process titanium dioxide, the high degree of technical complexity, first in the four high temperature titanium chloride is very corrosive, at a temperature of above 1000 DEG C for all material strength, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance is very strict; followed by TiCl4, O2, AlCl3 not only mixed uniformly, and mixed injection is very fast, but the grain size by the residence time of the reactants within a few milliseconds to adjust TiO2 is very difficult; in addition the oxidation system should be strictly positive pressure operation, the entire production process of chloride oxide linkage closed cycle production links and restrict each other, there is a place the problem will affect the overall mechanical design of German NEUMAN-N technology unique structure, accurate and stable operation. These are the guarantee of our confidence, but also our product quality first guarantee.

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