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Quality technology:


"How far can a person, with whom depend on the same" the products we sell most of the world's most advanced production technology production of chloride, chlorination requirements on raw materials than the sulfuric acid method is much more demanding, it requires the use of TiO2 content in more than 90% of the currently used natural ilmenite, rutile ore, rutile and high titanium slag. The chlorination of the fineness of rock and humidity requirements than the sulfuric acid method strictly, because the lighter titanium and quality in boiling chloride to make heavier petroleum coke or coke can be fluidized smoothly, powder fineness uniformity is very important, in addition to high humidity high moisture content in the process will produce hydrogen chloride hydrogen chloride and titanium hydride, the former equipment corrosion, which will plug the pipeline, valve. High requirements of raw materials, the top of the production process, creating a top quality.

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